(Roads & James)
Bad cookie, I like the way you looky
She a bad mamma jamma, got a magnet in her pussy
Rolling up a fat doobie in the back of the schoolie
And when she light it up she like, “what you think I”m a rookie?”
Bad cookie, tell your boss you’re playin’ hooky
Cuz your fathers in the pen and your mama likes to boogie
Ya its a hung jury what the fun done to me
Bad cookie, you only want me for some nookie
2 blunts, 3 forty’s later I’m faded
Man I feel invaded,sedated now I’m straight wasted
I’m just tryna’ hang
This lady makes me feel crazy
Now I’m not lazy, but lately
She got me thinkin’ that this all just might be over man
Never met a girl and thought maybe that I could give this up
But she got me thinkin that maybe we both could live it up
Whipping around down town and I know that this chick don’t give a fuck
Think she can hang with us?
She got me throwin’ up a white flag
Baby please I’m on my knees
And I can picture you and me we drinkin’ forty’s on an empty beach
Don’t mean to slur my speech
You know that I’m in need
Of sittin’ next to you gettin’ faded on this Ohio tree
She probably thinks that I’m an imbecile
Smokin’ out my window sill
Pick her up from work then pack a bowl up of medicinal
Maybe I’m in need of clinicals
Not even kind of cynical
I’ll buy that bitch a box if chocolates and a tandem bicycle
Relax and kick back with her shoes off
Then buy a rack, throw ’em back till the booze gone
You don’t even worry about tomorrow you got work off
Won’t wake up cause you know I turned the snooze on
Said I’d never stop like I’m runnin from the cops
And I’m a bad bad man or so you thought
And time and time again you’d hit me up
But you’d leave every time feelin’ less than enough
Said I didn’t care, at least not enough
But at the same time I thought you cared too much
We started out gold, turned to silver and bronze
Now I think that we are rust
I’m throwing up a white flag
Too many drinks too many smokes
Cookie got it real bad
She wana see how far this goes
But before she roll her eyes at it
Im out that open door
Until cookie realize that
She won’t see me no more
(Roads & James)
Its too much work, there’s too much wrong
I could never fit it all in a song
When solid ground ain’t holdin’ strong
You can only dig your heels in for so long
Did too much dirt to walk away
But that ain’t how I was raised
But since birth I’ve felt the same
Jaded and half sane
I’m detached and disenchanted with the fact
That my only recourse is a fuckin’ heart attack, love ya back
If I make it out with some happiness in tact
It’ll strictly be due to change of habatat, battle axe
Ready for war, can’t afford to be not
I never pay my insurance, can’t afford to get shot
When the whole city’s sweatin’ like the walls of the Grog
Make a motherfucker go and quit his day job, dog
Solemnly swear, solemnly swear
That’ll I’ll wear out these blues like the shoes that I wear
Solemnly swear, solemnly swear
I’ll be there
I’m on the road more than I’m at home
With a broken phone, and I smack my dome
Every time we hit a bump, and it’s cold,
And it’s on to the next show, let’s go
Can we take a step back? I don’t got a fall back
There ain’t nothin’ else to say, this brains been racked
No choice in the matter
Me and tropidelic climbin’ up the social ladder
The homies from before, who got up and scattered
Wanna come back for tea like I’m the mad hatter
Livin’ the dream? I’m livin’ couch to couch
I’m just lookin’ for a place where I can lie down
This life style got baggage that you wouldn’t understand
I’m just tryna’ make it back to the east end, it depends
The Line
Shit is so heavy
Graffiti in the levy, holdin up the corner deli
Cuz the money makes the world go around
On the teli, explosions of confetti
If thats what its like were all goin down
I once had a broken man tell me
About the vicious underbelly of us all
He said there ain’t no line to cross
If its a line that we’ll never draw
In the alley way, when the river’s low
Keep ya pistol close, keep ya windows closed
Took a leap of faith, down a pigeon hole
But forgot to snip the ambilical
As a human race ,being cyincal
Ain’t nothin beautiful, ain’t nothin useful so
What It’d really take is a miracle
Put into your place, plugged into your skull
Dont get unruly its your duty to be usual
Suburban interlinks, urban terminals
Got a vendetta ‘gainst the whole nepolitical
Children of a pace, pilgrims from a hole
First to feel miserable from reasons technological
What we really waste is a miracle
I feel panicked these erratic little habits
Will start to get the best of me,
Now thats enough ’cause I cant stand it
Yo who told you I’m the baddest?
I’m just tryna’ get these words down
Coffee shop chillin’ i’m the villain chuggin’ dark brown
Run away without a sound,
We’ll run your asses out of town
Money talks and bull shit walks
So give me yours and back down
I work hard while you sleep, you’re all sheep, I’m bo peep
Best get to the market cause this piggy’s choppin’ off feet
Blast you back to pre-k, i’ve been rappin’ all day
Everybody on your street knows me,
Look out your window pane
You probably think i fuckin’ lost it,
I’m not going back to college
I’ll steal your sunglasses and your wallet
We can call it a fair trade
‘Cause these words that i spray can be explained
Maybe knock some sense into your brain
So don’t hate when you can’t relate, I’m tryna’ skate
“Wanna bake?” sounds great, we on our way
Batter Up
Rollin down the street with my baseball bat
Can’t trust nothin’ on the tv, drink the water from the tap
I plant a flag for everybody whos had enough crap
When I’m rollin down the street with my baseball bat
Rollin’ down the street with my baseball bat
I’m ’bout to step up on the scene and put my city on the map
I’m ready to rage and rampage, so take a step back
When I’m rollin’ down the street with my baseball bat
Yo I been kickin’ it with Lucifer ain’t nothin’ I wont do for her
I done finished talkin’ so I hope you like the taste of dirt
I’ma put you fools to work so bail before i go bazerk
You can’t even fuck with this enterprise, Captain Kirk
Fuck off, cause I don’t got a plan B
Swingin’ at curve balls ain’t nobody get the best of me
Me and my team we the dopest officially
They don’t teach you how to fuckin’ pack a show at berklee
There’s a pressure thats been building up inside of me violently
Trying to hide it but fighting it is tiring
Product of my environment more sirens than violins
I’m higher than I’ve ever been, bad feelings compiling
A lot to be upset about, I’m lookin for a better route
Got no choice but let it out (Roads you better settle down)
Don’t turn your fuckin head around
Batter Up, SWING POW
I”m feelin better now
(Roads & James)
Peace Love & Unity
They flow together beautifully
Power to the community
The hour’s now for you and me
I have never witnessed a condition as contemptible and flawed as this
Half the world don’t even got a pot to piss in for the profit of the top percent
How are ya sleepin? (Are you restin easy?) Whats your opinion?
Is it opposite of what makes sense?
We remember to forget, then we pretend to regret
I’m on the fence between peace, love, and straight hate
The angel and the devil on my shoulder can’t negotiate
Lead by example, up the river no paddle
And every time we all fall off we wanna blame the saddle
I think we’re all tired of these games we been playin’
I’m not tryna’ fix the world, but clean a corner worth Savin’
If an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
That’s why I’m wearing glasses
The money’s climbin’ ladders skippin’ both the lower classes
The one percent has got us bent
Over a barrel when it should be the opposite
It’s common sense, no nonsense,
Give the power to the people and rebuild again
And cups up for real friends
I’ll hold it down for my homies till the better end
They say that violence ain’t the answer I think it depends
I’ll justify a city burning if the system’s wrecked
Peace signs won’t save you
when the door is kicked in at your residence
Guns in our face that we paid for so what’s that’s represent?
I have never protested or petitioned for the right to love the one I’m with
I could never fathom opposition from some one who calls them self Christian
What are we doin? (Heading for ruin) Whats your opinion?
And does it make you a hypocrite?
The decisions that you make will reflect on the kids
The thing about it is
(Roads & James)
Turn up the volume, your head is bobbin, forget your problems
This is my request to build my coffin out the speaker column,
It costs you nothin to feel it bumpin, call that a bargain
(Excuse me did you say something?)
Wrote a damn, masterpiece
Wit a sharpie lookin for my car keys found weed
Rolled a blunt, sparked it up,
She hit it twice took a shot and I fell in love
Ima try and spit a verse before I black out
Two zany bars, and an open bar so don’t even start
This shit has gone too far, goin 50 in a 35 flippin off a cop car
For real? Nah
Who the hell you think we are?
Im just a guy with a blindfold and a puzzle
Tryna pick the right part
But alas, at last, I found the right piece
Whats in the trunk gives me a chance to breath
When I got what you need, we go at my speed
Cant keep up? Drop to your knees
I been rappin since I sucked
Ill keep rappin till I suck
And I trust, that youll boo me off stage if im not real enough
So hit the club, ima blow a whole eighth
Getting stoned on my tour bus
While your puking on your north face
Kickin’ up dust in the Rust Belt nonstop
Froze so I’m wearing wool socks but we’re on top
It’s startin’ to feel quite a lot like a long shot
Like I blacked out being white on the wrong block
Ticky ticky tock goes the clock and the process
Obnoxious and out of options, I lost conscience
I feel like dog shit, I’ll start a fire in a mosh pit
I’d rather be a liar than a convict, congress
Cop it, roll it, burn it, blunted, even ballin’ on a budget
Thats what they call that stoner love
The hard north’s just par for
Livin’ in a cardboard box by the harbor
Hardcore, like you’re on all fours
Catchin’ more holes than a dartboard
Cuttin’ more green than a golf course, far more
Its evident the president is presently punked
If you’re breakin’ off a little bit, I’m takin me the chunk
You’re claiming that your innocent but covered in the blood
Everybody know your girl loves free drugs
All she ever dates is these deadbeat duds
And your girl wana meet me because
She can never get enough of these deadbeat duds, believe me cuz!
On evening nights in Cleveland Heights
I get the feeling that the shadows on the ceiling
Turn to demons in the neon light
Drinkin liquor, feeling ripe
Its all appealing when the level won’t take you alive
I’m not afraid of the unknown, its been so long since I’ve been home
I forgot what its like
But out of the darkness must come a light
We are not atoned
But we’re on our way home
When on the bus it can get rough
I got the scent of seven days around my neck
But yet I never seem to give a fuck
They say the road will make you tough
And with some luck tonight I might get some sleep in my bunk
We chose to live this sort of life so we’ll be driving through the night
Until the first sign of sun
Who’s taking over? My shift is done
Three hundred miles to come
(Zach Fowler of Sun-Dried Vibes)
I been feeling out of tone, I been feeling all alone
Gripping the steering wheel let this road lead me home
Streetlights blinking at the tempo with my eyes
And the dusk remains elusive with the dawn as it’s disguise
Finding truth within the lies, it should come as no surprise
That I’m feeling all these thoughts flowing straight through my mind
I been feeling out of tone, I been feeling all alone
Hand gripping the steering wheel let this road lead me home
Good mornin’
Like you got a motive
Do you like that honey, hunny?
How bout that cheddar cheese?
Do you like things greasy baby like them onion rings?
Heard you like that lettuce better
Let me tell you this
I’ll bring home that bacon girl but
Lay off my gritz bitch
How bout that soul food?
Corn bread and collared greens
Do you put salt and pepper on your mac ‘n’ cheese?
Heard you like that gravy baby
Let me tell you this
I’ll bring home that bacon girl but
Lay off my gritz bitch
I woke up this morning, I gotta thank God
You wasn’t in my bedroom
Things don’t seem so odd
Sat down for breakfast and onto lunch
I had some supper girl, I had a hunch
I woke up this morning, you were just gone
You wasn’t in my head room
I get to keep my dough Lord
Ain’t got no reason or appetite, tonight
These hunger games come as no surprise
Do you just want money, hunny?
Do you like me for me?
I know your mama told you since you was 17
Gotta find a wealthy husband, one that is well equipped
Hate to burst your bubble girl but I ain’t that rich bitch
I’m 26, I’m still not rich
I’m come from Pitt, I must admit
I like the city where I live
So don’t give me that double standard cuz me I double dip, the trouble is
In your bubble you will struggle to admit that I’m the kid
That gave you everything and I can be a dick
But at least I got the mental fortitude to tell it like it is
I consider it a gift, even just a little bit, tell me whats amatta with ya
You don’t matter as the one percent gets fatter
Use to be that rascal now the builder’s the king of the castle
Its that New Age Workman’s Concept
So cut your losses but not for profits
Wanna see what I can accomplish before the apocalypse
Hey Petey Pete I came to eat and get some tree
Cuz I been ridin half asleep from Brady’s Leap to C-L-E
They presently pretend to be a friend of me
Instead they’ll ever be an enemy
You ready for a penalty?
You better be
So I stay right under their noses like haletosis
I keep ‘em close cuz I’m suppose to like mi hermosa
I’ll prolly work until I’m broken son of a soldier
Until I make it to the ocean, feel the culture
I feel like a shell of a man dealt a hell of a hand
I’d join a metal band just to get the hell out the land
Do what a rebel can all without a medical plan
Its like a wouldn’t catch a look if I as elephant man
I kinda am, take my music from my cold dead hand
The last stand like atomic bombs over Japan
If I end up in the river in the back of a van
I’d tell my mama she can only do as much as she can
I’m a miserable criminal at my pinnacle
Live in cynical city with a biblical name
An invisible individual waiting for a miracle
Never paper or digital its all in my brain
I don’t right it down, who’s got time when you work that nine to five?
Old Sounds
And I might’ve talked some shit in my day
But I always knew better
And I might’ve learned it all the hard way
Only know in due time
Come correctly, I’ll resurrect the old sounds we use to know
Cuz it’s cold to the bone, this love’s a fire 12ft high
Here’s for standing, build on your family, life’s too short to move slow
So let’s burn this motherfucker down
Only Rider
The winds began to shift, he fell into the storm
His mind began to drift, an unfamiliar form
And now he’s an insider, to his own winds as they swarm
The Only Rider
He couldn’t remember his own name, let alone dream
Seem to never learn from his mistakes so they repeat
He would always rather spend some money than to lose sleep
So he’s in Lorain on a late night creep
Sick with this disease
Cost him mostly, 6 broken windows and a nose bleed
Cold feet is something you just get when you step into that concrete jungle
Struggle, up on humble road, it’s a long street
Got me, stuck here in the basement doin laundry
Instead of smokin’ weed under a palm tree
God please, I’m just a bad day from sellin all my belongings
And walkin through the streets like a zombie, honestly
He thought he had nowhere else to turn so he turned cheap
No one ever showed him no concdern, they assumed he
Always had it well under control like a turnkey
But up in his head it was anarchy
Live with this misery
Since he was 15, another broken spirit with a big dream
Kids seem to never understand that everyone must come clean
Wish I could erase all the mistakes and things I’ve done seen
Hungry for my piece of the pie in this country
Where nobody seems to care unless it comes free
Something is in the water, its not hard to put it bluntly
That everyone around me’s turning ugly
Sometimes its hard but I ignore it all
Sometimes its hard with your back against the wall
I can see that people will arise or be arised
If you try to come with a disguise you’ll be penalized
You could catch a wallop to your skull
That is if you’re not original
It would take a fire in the sky for you to see the light
Don’t come at me like you got some cohones
Cuz for me it’s a long way home
To the streets of Verona
All this time I’ve been on my own
I can see the evil in your eye, the evil eye
If you try to see between the lines you’ll be minimized
If you’d like to try to make a move
I suggest that you follow through
It’s clear to me that you will never find the key to life
I’m not gona fight your landlord, I’m on his side
Maybe if he wasn’t your dealer, He’d believe your lies
Girl you gotta get a real job, Cuz I got mine
You could even work that body, I would not mind
We can celebrate this way, all through the night
But when the morning comes it’s the assembly line
In your fictitious state, you lost your mind
Girl you gotta get yourself paid cuz these aren’t easy times
And the thing you always say, is it’ll be just fine
But I ain’t seen your ass in the check cashing line
I feel like I’ve seen a few laugh and even more cry
Girl you gotta make that cash cuz these aren’t easy times
You won’t pick up a dime so I won’t give you no ride
Can’t turn water into wine, it’s not personal but why
Won’t you get some control, before you lose it all
You could get on a pole
Ever since college I been an alcoholic
With all that knowledge, I’m still prone to hit the bottle lately
Here’s how that music sound, life under a 40 oz
Pass me another swig, I wish I never started drinkin
Beer and wine, two at a time
The feelings got me blowed
Gin and rum, we’re having fun just being bums
Getting low
Whiskey shots and on the rocks
Cuz we like that shit cold
Christmas ale, that time of year
We’re happy growing old
(Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies)
I’m stuck in a love / hate relationship with
Bud Light and straight shots of Jameson
Make it a double ain’t no point in chasin’ it
A God dam professional, I’m addicted to the taste of it
Ibuprofen in the AM is the routine
Pot of coffee, greasy breakfast is the morphine
For the cyclone inside my head
I suck it down, watch it drown and go back to bed
Alarm rings, time to hit the happy hour
First shot makes me think like I got super powers
One drop and the binge has begun
And it ain’t gona’ be done until I’m speaking in tongues
I use to drink through the pain
Now I just drink to maintain
Every drink that I drink makes think I’m insane
Bring me back to the point that this hook is misleading
I’m a God dam drunk, alcoholics go to meetings
Hell yea
We are not for sale
This is all for real
I assure you this, alright
In the devil’s realm
But I’m at the helm
I have been through this, once or twice
Up to nothin’ good
Like you knew I would
Silently ruthless, decide
A sweet behind
Or some peace of mind
Will we burn in hell?
Like the sermon tells
Eyes on the future either way
Will the love prevail?
Where the demons dwell
Life has a twisted sense of smell
Up to nothing bad
Like you thought I had
Violent intentions, tonight
We’ll redefine
Your peace of mind
Made a lot of enemies but more friends
Trying to figure out whats important
I know that family is gold when it all ends
City’s broke down like an old engine
A silhouetted sky above an ocean
a Justin Roberts painting that I float in
I step into the water and it feels real
It ain’t ideal but I deal
Take the van down to Tennessee in August
Just another fucker on a long list
Who don’t want to live his life behind a dam desk
Sick of the authority and nonsense
I don’t wana live life like it’s over
The city gets colder and colder
The neighborhood’s rough so I hold steel
It ain’t ideal but I deal
Its been a hard days night in the east side
Gimme good green and some erie vibes
Can’t catch enough sleep for me to feel inspired
As a lay amongst the cigarettes and broken vinyl
I can never find the draft from the window
I’m starting to look thinner than my bill fold
Tired of the music that got no soul
It ain’t ideal but I deal
Another hard loss for the home team
Sees another white suburban kid turn dope fiend
Sometimes its like were in the city of forgotten dreams
All the while technology replaces people
Its harder than it looks and the truth hurts
I still believe ya make it if you do work
I feel like I never learn unless I lose first
It ain’t ideal but I deal
I’d rather be a punk than apostle
Even if it means I’ll end up in the hospital
For saying what I mean, got no control
Sometimes its hard enough to just stay sober
When the future looks bright it can be blinding
Pray I can muster up the strength to do the right thing
The uncertainty and risk make it all real
It ain’t ideal but I deal
With another new day comes a rebirth
I count ’em like the holes on my tee shirt
An opportunity to change and to see what works
Even when the world is upon your shoulders
The spirit thats inside me is hopeful
I try to see the glass like it’s half full
The people put around me been so cool
It ain’t ideal, its surreal
I rather be a punk then aspostle
Even if it means I’ll end up in the hospital
For saying what I mean got no control
Sometimes its hard enough for me to stay sober
When the future looks bright it can be blinding
Hope I can muster up the strength to do the right thing
The uncertainty and risk make it all real
It ain’t ideal but I deal
But with another new day comes a rebirth
I count ’em like the holes in my tee shirt
Another opportunity to change and to see what works
Even when the world is up on your shoulders
The spirit thats inside me is hopeful
I try to see the glass like its half full
The people put around me been so cool
It ain’t ideal its surreal
If I Die Tomorrow
If I die tomorrow don’t cry for me
Take my ass back to Allegheny
All this time I’ve failed to see
How great it was to live free
If I die tomorrow some day I will
Won’t be no big shoes to fill
I don’t need no stairway please
Let me climb out my own hell
And if I don’t reach that summit
Been too blunted
Truth will come its justified
The way I’ve lived my life
Hope my people stay good and prosper
Here’s my offer
Love will conquer all
It took me too long before I saw
(Zach Fowler of Sun-Dried Vibes)
If I die tomorrow well I hope you know
Love continues like the ebb and flow
Wisdom that’s been given to me
Something I know I lived and breathed
If I die tomorrow I will think of you
Knowing I did all I can do
Deep inside I hope you know it too
Heart is coming and its ever true
If I die tomorrow I’ll be thankful for
What I’ve done and so much more
No regrets, won’t second guess
The man that I’ve become
If I die tomorrow will you think of me
Will I drift away into the sea
Become a distant memory
But now I’ve come undone
(Young James)
If Cleveland is the target make the bulls eye a work of art
Spread the word from the classrooms to the skateparks
All the way from the west side to wayde park
So if I die tomorrow at least I’ll know I played my part
I’ll try to keep my side of the street clean
Back at the house and we’ll booze intensely
We don’t even gotta talk about whose got the best weed
I’d rather take the bus than steal your 10 speed
I still ride in the back of a school bus
Cocooned like a caterpillar bout to bust this shell off
Take to the streets of the east side for the good stuff
Now I’m skating from the heights back down to hough
Its rough stuff your times up you fucked up
So jump up your stuck up you numb nuts
Let’s spark blunts and shoot guns at dumb stuff
Police state mentality? I ain’t nothing to make a slave of
Look Forward
My baby don’t waste no time calling me mister
I figure don’t waste no time if you aint trying to be different
The weight upon my shoulders keeps on bearin’ down on me
Its getting heavy by the day, its getting harder by the week
Someone must cook the supper when you’re building family
And I been cookin’ up something special callin’ it personal recipe
My obligation to be patient has evaded me
It seems that most humanity’s abandoned in complacency
I assure you I’m inducing daily what it takes to see
All this frustration thats built up upon the Lake Erie
I will never tolerate or promulgate the fakery
Not for all the flower in the bakery, its sac-a-red (basical-ley)
Real dudes pay their dues while the cowards want to pay for it
Fake’s the only that you can label it (yes yall)
I’d rather be arrested for protesting round the town hall
Then second guessing everything and waiting for the groundhog
Every single second is a blessing if you count ’em all
Beckoning my own day of reckoning, the downfall
I sit and lie awake I could never fall for
The fake sounds of waves on a sleep machine
All I hear is trains, all I can do is Look Forward
I sit and lie awake I could never fall for
The fake ass shit on the TV screen
All I want is change, all I can do is Look Forward
Burn sage, still I’m feeling like a butterfly in a cage
My neighbor told me he’s depressed, he’s in 6th grade
Hole in my pocket often droppin the change
For some instant gratification, never can patiently wait (say it)
I want to start a new life somewhere or maybe move to California
But I cant afford the airfare, in fact I can’t even afford to breathe the air there
How could you understand? You’re in the clouds, a Care Bear
Fair is fair, your fathers rich and mines not
All the affluence is influence especially to the cops
If even half of us with incidents spoke up without the indifference
in minutes all the power driven ignorance could stop
Instead of exercising privilege excessively in the present
Inhibiting our own livity, pivoting on our message
When civilly its accepted to never question the evidence
We’re losing our potential for development look forward
Police State
Shut down in Austin, raided back in Cleveland
A gun up in our faces and they never gave a reason
The writings on the wall, the politics are fake
Its clear to me we’re livin in a POLICE STATE
Seven beers deep and we haven’t left the Heights
The whole citys gone corrupt, there aint enough to make it right
Wish the music would be more like the boats on the shore
More rust, less metal, put the pedal to the floor
Let them crops grow deep in the pothole streets
In the Rock N Roll city only stops on the beat
Got me paranoid, stressed, why don’t you put me to the test under a streetlight
Drunk down in Cinci, burned out in Compton
God Bless America and FUCK DENNIS RODMAN
The working mans imprisoned while celebrities escape
Oh my God its so much bigger than a POLICE STATE
Debbie had a job now all she does is crack
She collect a welfare check and yet she drives a CADILLAC
Just perpetuating more of that “choosing to afford”
Whether rich or whether poor, sometimes its what you settle for
But its gotta come cheap when theres just enough to eat
And the wheels of the Caddy knock holes in the street
When your making ends meet by the skin of your teeth its a hard life
Another privileged youth who somehow thought he could hang
He got covered in tattoos and goes and joins a biker gang
When refusing to conform has become part of the norm
Better come original and then you might weather the storm
But the talk comes cheap when he caught some beef
And I bet that silver spoon ain’t teach the rules of the street
Hope ya got your piece when the shit gets deep
Think your smart right?
(Young James)
So where’d the cash go? I think we all know
Straight into technology tracking you on your cell phone
They’ll break you down but you’ll give them the tools
Now theyre taxing your pay checks and taking music out of public schools
You better keep your shoes tied tight on the east side
Smoke a blunt, take a walk, end up on a police ride
Now it might just seem like a regular day
You got your hustle on but you don’t get paid
At least not enough so you better make a change
End up getting busted with your face on the front page
Now the money in your bed or in your safe
Might as well not even been there in the first place
Bombed out in B-More, broke down in Youngstown
If you ain’t been listenin’, let me give you the run down
The prisons are for profit, its society’s mistake
How macab, we been living in a POLICE STATE